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Portrait of a woman with lots of freshly picked up colorful dahlias and lush amaranth flow

Hi friends! My name is Rachel. I am a wife, mama, aspiring flower farmer, and lover of nature & all the beauty it has to offer. I’m passionate about utilizing regenerative farming practices and bringing the beauty of nature into my home, and yours, through beautiful floral bouquets and arrangements. 


All of my flowers are sown, weeded, cared for, gathered, and made into bouquets with the help of my two year old - who absolutely loves spending his days outside in the dirt with his mama. My son is at the center of this operation - helping, learning, and playing every step of the way. Our flowers are a product of love, fun, and togetherness. 


Some people ask, why “Hope & Hill”? Well, because we live on hope…and a hill. If you’ve been to our farm before, you are probably laughing - because our farm is one giant hill. It causes us a lot of headaches and extra effort, but we’re blessed to be here. We also live on hope - we’ve been through many hard times, as we all have in this crazy life, and we continue to live with hope for today, tomorrow, and every day that follows. 


We want to share that hope, too, and do so by donating up to 5% of profits to local organizations and causes that support children and families, including, but not limited to:

Wyatt's Warriors Inc.


I hope you, too, support our work, our mission, and our love for nature as much as we do.


“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.” - Vincent Van Gogh


Let’s find beauty, and share beauty - with fresh bouquets to go around.


-Rachel, owner and CFO (Chief of Flower Operations) ;)

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